Sharp Objects Incorporated

For Those Of Us Who Just Can't Help Ourselves

Sharp Objects Inc.
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Welcome to
Sharp Objects Inc.

For Those Of Us Who Just Can't Help Ourselves

Sharp Objects Incorporated is a support and common interest community based on the use of, you guessed it, sharp objects. We offer a place to think and co-exist in a positive environment for former and current self-injurers, as well as those considering it. Additionally, we offer the same for those who have blade fetishes, or those who just collect sharp objects. Either way, if you like sharp objects, you'll find a home among friends here.
All submissions are made by members of the community. SharpObjectsInc maintainers do not censor any entries based on political, religious or other beliefs made by these members. Opinions expressed in this community are those of the contributor and are not endorsed by the other members or maintainers of the community.

o1. Must be 14+ years old to join.
o2. Constructive criticism only. We ask that you keep an open mind as we do enforce a strict "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" policy.
o3. Please respect and mind your moderators. We're only here to help.
o4. It is not mandatory, however we ask that you introduce yourself to us upon joining. We like to keep track of who's who.
o5. ALL pictures of ANY nature, must be under a cut. You MUST be 18+ years of age to post nudes. If your pictures are of a graphic and/or violent nature, we ask that you please warn the community outside of the cut.
o6. We ask that you please do not advertise for other communities here.
o7. Please try to play nice and be creative, no one likes a boring community.

Members may pretty much post whatever they like here, as long as it is community-related. Poems, stories, pictures, etc. are all welcome here so feel free to throw out whatever's on your mind. If anyone gives you trouble, please notify a moderator. This community is NOT friends only, and there is NO application process (ie: anyone within the rules may join). Moderators maintain the right to ban any member posting anything inappropriate or for violating any of the rules.