Mortal men don't belong on pedestals (damianarose) wrote in sharpobjectsinc,
Mortal men don't belong on pedestals

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So lately I've been wanting to hurt myself and it's just I havent been that depressed. My boyfriend loves me...I mean I have some doubts but who the fuck doesn't. And I lost my job but that actually made me feel good! Because I swear that job was sucking the life from me

But the thing is my boyfriend told me if I cut he'll leave me....And I love him soooo much I dont want to loose him, but the compulsion is still there, I hurt deep down and I dont have anyone I can explain to. No one understands, they all think I should be happy and giggly and bright and I just dont know what to do.

I am craving the feeling of cool against warm, of angry cuts against whole flesh. Red against white, burn against pleasure..... Something to take away the pain that lurks deep inside my chest...

And I dont even know why I hurt

So....I figured this was the place to post this since you all would understand.
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