♔ Milly ♔ (daguerreotype) wrote in sharpobjectsinc,
♔ Milly ♔

Hello, I'm Ryu, I'm new..And I'm in need of a bit of help..
I haven't self harmed in quite a few months now, and I'm really happy with myself..
But.. [this will sound really stupid] I broke my arm when I was pretty young, and took alot of damage to my nerves, so my arm feels slightly more numb than the rest of my body. So, when I feel this numbness, I want to get rid of it, by cutting it, even just a tiny nick would be enough, but then i'd get carried away and fall into a trap, an addiction of sorts with the blade.
So, I need some help, I really dont want to cut, I really, really dont..
Do any of you have any ideas on how I can just..feel something, without harming myself?
Sorry if any of the above sounds stupid..Thanks.
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Get a safety pin, and keep it on you at all times. In your wallet, on your shirt, whatever.

When you want to get rid of the numbness, prick yourself. It is hard as fuck (I've noticed), to cut yourself with a safety pin.


What you said about the numbness is not stupid at all. A lot of people won't understand it, but I do. I lost both of my legs, above the knee, and I get phantom pain, which is where it feels like my leg is there, but it's not.

It is a tinglily feeling that is enough to drive me insane. I used to have a safety pin I would poke my leg with to help, but now, I just punch or find something to poke it with (key, chain, whatever).

-Untrue Rapture
-Much Mother Fucking Wicked Crazy Clown Love
Brilliant idea, cheers, I'll do that.
Thanks alot..and sorry about your legs.
Shit happens bro.

Glad to help.

-Untrue Rapture
-Much Mother Fucking Wicked Crazy Clown Love
Run. Hard. Fast. UNtil y ou can't breathe. It's good. And no one can yell at you for it.
Thanks alot, I'll try that.