♔ Milly ♔ (daguerreotype) wrote in sharpobjectsinc,
♔ Milly ♔

Hello, I'm Ryu, I'm new..And I'm in need of a bit of help..
I haven't self harmed in quite a few months now, and I'm really happy with myself..
But.. [this will sound really stupid] I broke my arm when I was pretty young, and took alot of damage to my nerves, so my arm feels slightly more numb than the rest of my body. So, when I feel this numbness, I want to get rid of it, by cutting it, even just a tiny nick would be enough, but then i'd get carried away and fall into a trap, an addiction of sorts with the blade.
So, I need some help, I really dont want to cut, I really, really dont..
Do any of you have any ideas on how I can just..feel something, without harming myself?
Sorry if any of the above sounds stupid..Thanks.
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